Cogmind mod:
Graphical ASCII mode


With this Cogmind mod you have ASCII graphics, but with graphical tiles for walls and earth. I strongly prefer the ASCII mode over the graphical tiles, but I think the wall tiles look good and give each level a more distinctive look compared to just having # everywhere. This also makes it easier to differentiate walls from earth.

This mod also changes how big multitile bots look. Instead of repeating the same letter many times one larger letter is shown. Examples can be seen in the screenshots at the bottom of this page.

Replace the original cogmind.x file in you game folder with the modded version. Set ratingBasedItemSpriteColors=0 in your advanced.cfg. Then use the graphical tiles mode in the game. The mod should work with any font that has graphical tiles.

Using the tool on GitHub, you can build the mod yourself with many customization options.

screenshot screenshot

More screenshots (contains spoilers): W entrance, fortress